Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where have all the cowboy hats gone?

The great thing about Lust & Gore Hardwear is that the stuff we make just makes you feel BADASS when you wear it. I can't say enough about fashion that just makes you feel good about yourself. New Rock boots and Lucky Brand jeans have the same magic for me. Our cowboy hats seem to have the same attention grabbing capability as an amazing tattoo. People will stare and do double-takes. When I wear our stuff, they don't comment to my face, though. I have a somewhat unapproachable presence -- I think people are intimidated by me. Good. That's what I go for. People talk to Lusty, though. They dig her Lust & Gore to her face. That is a good sign. Lust & Gore or not, cowboy hats are just cool. They have enough attitude and confidence to make a boring person interesting. Customize that with a little rock n' roll hardware a la Lusty and Aurora and a boring person wouldn't dare even put it on. That's the thing. Our gear makes a person badass, but, for the most part, unless someone is already authentically hardcore, they won't even put it on. Self-marketing products . . .

I am making a list of events that Lust & Gore Hardwear wants to market and sell at. We are thinking tattoo conventions, concerts, motorcycle events, rodeos, gun shows, art shows, and the like. We have some heavy metal, hardcore heat to spread the word about while putting a little coin in our pockets. If you have any ideas, please send them our way. We'll probably stay in the Phoenix area this year. If business takes off, we'll go worldwide next year, spreading derby love with Lust & Gore style. Can you say "Rollercon"?

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Story . . .

So, here's the story of Lust & Gore Hardwear (in third person for dramatic effect): As a couple, Aurora Gory Alice and Lusty Crush are a product of roller derby. It was a hot, summer's day at a roller rink in Albany, NY. It was an instant attraction and a forbidden love. How would they ever be able to be together since the rules of the roller derby league strictly forbade their romance? Hey, this isn't a cheesy chick flick. Two badass skaters with derby personalities the size of the city challenging a stupid, discriminating rule does not a sad story make. Color them a couple in no time flat and to this very day.

Tired of freezing their tits off and ready to start over, Aurora and Lusty packed up their stuff and headed to the home of Renegade Roller Derby, Phoenix, AZ. Lust & Gore Hardwear was born on the long trip out.

Aurora on the business: "This is a dream business," Aurora says. "It is a way to be creative and make people feel like rock stars. People can put on one of our hats and unleash their hardcore." Aurora likes to make good people feel good. On the colder side, she doesn't mind making mean people feel "inadequate". In her opinion, those are the two sides of her personal quest to make the world a better place.

Lusty on the business: “The desire is to create wearable art for hardcore people who can handle the weight of cool," Lusty says. "Our hats make people feel like rock stars. What’s unique about our business is that people get to customize their own personal image/idea of what Badass is. Using various hardware choices, designs, and original hat band creations, we make quality hats even better—by giving them personality.”

What is Lust & Gore?

Lust & Gore is short for a new company called Lust & Gore Hardwear. Rollergirl owned and operated.  Be. Wear.

At Lust & Gore Hardwear, we customize hats. We don't make hats. We leave that to the experts. What we do is take quality hats from experienced hatmakers and make them art. We do this by adding equal parts metal and attitude; think nails, wire, chain, spikes, studs, screws, and nuts along with a healthy dose of Lusty Crush and Aurora Gory Alice. The result is unconventional, attention-grabbing, wearable art. Our art is meant to look hot and hardcore. More specifically, our art is meant to make our customers look hot and hardcore.

Because everyone deserves a little Lust & Gore, and because not everyone wears hats, we also have other accessories to accentuate an attitude. Jewelry now with more to come. A kiss of cool to remind our customers that fashion is pain. As with our hats, our jewelry is designed to inspire feelings, hardcore, badass, you-wish-you knew-me feelings. Take a look and remember, this is hardware--not Hello Kitty. Wear but beware. See and be jealous.

Lust & Gore Hardwear - Hats for Heroes and Villains