Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lust & Gore Hardwear Customized Military Caps to Be Featured in 2009 GRAMMY® Gift Bags

The contract is signed and the press releases are drafted. Lust & Gore Hardwear has been invited by Distinctive Assets to ccontribute to the Official Presenter and Performer Gift Bags for the 51st Annual GRAMMY® Awards. For those who haven't seen the media frenzy in previous years, Distinctive Assets is the company who has made GRAMMY Gift Bags the coveted items they are today. This is a big deal. Lusty and I were struggling to get our gear on a celebrity or two, and along comes Distinctive Assets handing us the opportunity to put our hats on the heads of 150 of this year's biggest celebrities. Needless to say, we scraped up the resources and accepted the invitation. Now we are frantically, but carefully, making hats and folding boxes. Paper cuts and puncture wounds never felt so right.

The following military cap designs will represent the bulk of the hats in the Gift Bags (in case you want to wear what your favorite GRAMMY Presenter or Performer may be wearing):

Visit our website to see all of our military caps: Lust & Gore Hardwear Customized Military Caps

The 2009 GRAMMYs air on February 8th, 8PMET/PT on CBS.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lust & Gore In Grammy Gift Bags? Could Be . . .

I shit you not, I got a call from Distinctive Assets today. They are famous for their to-die-for award show gift bags. So, the scoop is that they just read our press release, Lust & Gore Online Press Release, and thought our stuff might appeal to some of the presenters and performers at the Grammy Awards in February. Artsy, edgy, and full of attitude. Lusty and I knew that all along. It's actually the point of of Lust & Gore Hardwear -- making people feel like superstars and superheroes (or, in some cases, super-villains). Now, it seems that there is a real chance that other people (some already superstars) might get to experience the Lust & Gore attitude first-hand. Lucky devils.

We'll keep you posted . . .

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanks For the Ass! Cowboy Hat Anyone?

In the world of online marketing, the keyboard can be your friend or foe. With that instrument I am a brawlarina (shout out, AZRD!) far more than a ballerina. My peckers have good length and girth, and all 4 of them that I actually use type with both speed and power, but not always assuracy. Most of the time they serve me well. Sometimes, though, they miss or overflow. So, when we drop you a flyer on MySpace, or post on your Wall on Facebook, just know that whether Aurora's fat fingers typed "Thanks for the add!" or "Thanks for the ass!" she meant it with the utmost respect and professional courtesy.

You see, at Lust & Gore Hardwear there are a few things we love. Cowboy hats, military caps, and jewelry, of course. But, we also love roller derby, rollergirls, music, music lovers, tattoos, motorcycles, bikers, extreme sports, metal, dogs, sarcasm, and booties.

Well, honestly, we think boobies are nice too . . .

Come visit. Get to know us better.

Lust & Gore Hardwear

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanks for the Mammaries

I would love a boob job for Christmas, but I suspect that I won't be getting it. Money is running low, almost as low as my boobs.

Perhaps this will be the dialog I can look forward to:

"Thanks for the sweater vest. I love how it doesn't cover my tattoo sleeve. Nevertheless, it is itchy and scratchy against my nipples so I shall put it in the crock put you bought me last year and cook it on low until I have burned it to nothing more than a bad memory."

Don't let this dialog be your Christmas mammary. Gift some Lust & Gore, the gift that says "Fuck you" before they can.

Hey, you wouldn't even be buying them Lust & Gore if they wouldn't say it . . .

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stalkings and Missile Toe

Tired of the same old Christmas ho-hum? How about gifting a little Lust & Gore? Nothing represents the spirit of the season like a Twisted Link Choker . . .

Lust & Gore Hardwear's Website

Hey, fashion is pain. Like wearing tight clothes, it is a little uncomfortable to look like 2 pounds of baloney in a 1 pound sack, but it is so worth it.

So give the gift that says "What the fuck are you looking at?" this Christmas. I know I will.