Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shotgun Style Interview Reveals Secret of the Orient

For your enjoyment and theirs, Lusty and Aurora sat down (But wait, that's not even the fun part!) and interviewed each other. Because of Aurora's substantial ADD and Lusty's excitement to get to happy hour, the interview is done shotgun style - -questions fired, answers scattered, splattered, and, sometimes, disgusting.

Aurora to Lusty: Would you rather have a hook for a hand or a peg leg?

Lusty: Hook. I can't fit my skate on a peg and I can rip a girl's face off with a hook.

Lusty to Aurora: You were in the Air Force. Have you ever fired two guns whilst jumping through the air?

Aurora: No. I have shot a machine gun straight up into the air with one arm while yelling "Freedom!" though.

Aurora to Lusty: Is my butt broken?

Lusty: Yes. There's a huge crack in it. Maybe your name should be Count Crackula instead of Aurora Gory Alice.

Lusty to Aurora: Do you think my sweat smells like menstruation?

Aurora: No. Your breath does.

Aurora to Lusty: Alright. On to Lust & Gore now. What is your favorite Lust & Gore product?

Lusty: Our newest design usually tends to be my favorite because we just get better and better at designing. Right now, though, my favorite is the black straw cowboy hat with the nails through the hat band, and nails pierced through the brim. It makes me feel a combination of heavy metal and hoedown.

Lusty to Aurora: What Lust & Gore product or products are you most excited about?

Aurora: I love to skate. I have roller derby to thank for the "fuck it" attitude that led to the creation of this business. So, my favorite designs are those that pay homage to skating, namely the skate bearing jewelry and the customized military cap with the handpainted rollergirls.

Aurora to Lusty: What is it like to work with me?

Lusty: If it weren't for all the drinking, I am not sure I could do it. Thank goodness for the drinking. Plus, I think you're kinda hot. And tall.

Lusty to Aurora: What made you decide to make fashion accessories out of hardware?

Aurora: On the way from Albany to Phoenix, we decided to buy cowboy hats. Everything we came across in our search for the perfect cowboy hat was either lame or low key. We are neither of those things. I had always thought about making jewelry from hardware for myself because I love the weight of the metal. It feels powerful and hardcore. So, we translated that idea to cowboy hats, and later military caps. We customized them with hardware to make unique hats that were hardcore without trying. They don't feel contrived. They are just badass.

Aurora to Lusty: Is there anything you want the reader to know about Lust & Gore Hardwear?

Lusty: Lust & Gore stuff makes you feel good. This old world can suck you dry sometimes. You deserve to feel good so we are designing interesting products to make you the superstar of wherever you are.

Lusty to Aurora: What about you? Anything you want the readers to know?

Aurora: If you're wearing Lust & Gore and people aren't staring, it's because they are scared.

Aurora to Lusty: What is the secret of the orient?

Lusty: Why, Pearl Cream, of course.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our Website Is Live! Is Open For Business!

We are open for business!

Lust & Gore Hardwear's Website

Please stop by. Look around, buy stuff, contact us. Have fun! Tell people!

Slugs & Kisses,

Lusty and Aurora

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You Just Look So Cool That I Had To Ask - - Are You a Rock Star?

We all want to make a living doing something we love. Good marketing is a way to, at the very least, let us chase the dream a little bit longer. When you dress differently, confidently, people tend to care more about what you and who you are. They become interested in you. They ask questions. You get to tell someone about your band, your bike, your skate shop, your roller derby team. That is street marketing at its most basic level. It is promotion of the best kind - self-promotion. No one can speak more passionately about your passions than you. So drum up the interest. Dress the part.

Lust & Gore Original Design - Black Toyo/Nail Sash/Nails

Double Tier Sash Machine Screw Bracelet

Visit :

Lust & Gore Hardwear Website


Lust & Gore Hardwear MySpace Page

For customized cowboy hats, military caps, and original jewelry designs that don't just hint at who you are, they scream.

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Like We're Famous Or Somethin'

We got real professional flyers done this week. Thanks to T-Wrexx for modeling and Adrian for making the flyers look HOT!

Please feel free to post these, send these, or print and distribute these. It's not so much even "feel free". What I mean to say is "Please post these, email these, print these, and in any other way, distribute these." Please?

Gratuitous begging has ended.

Lusty learned Photoshop Elements. Check out her flyer.

(If you right-click or control-click and open the image in a new window, you can actually see the whole thing.)

You know, if you want to show this to your friends and family, it is okay with us . . .

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Miniature Highway Patrolman, Meet Larger-Than-Life Aurora Gory Alice

So, I got pulled over on the way home from the bout on Friday night. It was about 11:00 PM and there were 5 of us in the car. I had just asked if anyone had seen a speed limit sign. No one had. Still, I came speeding up on the asses of 2 Highway Patrol cars. I passed one. Always a bold move, but, hey, why the fuck not? Anyhoo, he immediately pulled in behind me and flipped his lights on. Oops.

So I see him get out of his car and I debate my first words to him. I am thinking about saying "I know, you pulled me over to invite me to the Highway Patrolman's ball," praying that he will respond with "Highway Patrolman don't have balls." As we had all been drinking, I decide that maybe I will just hold my tongue and answer his questions.

He approaches with an attitude. Something about the speed limit being 45 because it was a construction zone, me passing 2 Highway Patrolman, and the car smelling like alcohol. I told him that I had had a couple of beers and the next words, as expected, were "Would you step out of the car?" I was not nervous about the sobriety test as I was not intoxicated, but I was feeling inconvenienced. So I throw the car door open and take the walk to the rear of the car to chat.

His tone was definitely different during the conversation outside. He asked questions in a normal tone of voice. The follow the pen test was brief, and he let me go with a abbreviated schpiel about impaired driving. I think back on it now, as I stood there dressed in my metal clad boots with the 3" sole (making me 6"2), knee socks, a short skirt with crossbones, and my uniform tank top which says "Obey Your Master" across the front and wonder if that had anything to do with the way it all went down. I wonder what he must of thought when I stood there next to him looking like a super hero. I wonder if that takes away from the powerful, dominating feeling he must be used to when people clamor for words and get nervous by his presence. I would guess Aurora Gory Alice may have stolen a little of his thunder that night.

If so, I am sarong and sari. Not.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Easygoing Vengeance Mutha Fucka

So the bout is over. It was the throwdown, knock-around, hit-the-ground, bloodlusting derby everybody anticipated and then some. The "and then some" came from the unfortunate douchiness of some of the fans. There was kicking, holding, and throwing of fashion accessories from the crowd, along with a display of complete bonerism from a woman I am quite certain was not skilled enough to actually make the Dames bouting team. That aside, or aside as it can be put, I had quite a few fans approach me spewing compliments about the excitement of the bout. With a final score of 15-0 (in favor of the Dames) the compliments were not just blowing smoke. Bruised and battered, I can't necessarily say the bout was good derby, but it was a hard-fought, apparently fun to watch battle. And, I can't speak for everyone, but I can tell you with certainty that that bout will ultimately make me a better skater. Vengeance is a powerful motivator.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Roller Derby Riot This Friday! Arizona Renegade Rollergirls vs AZ Derby Dames!

This Friday, November 14th at the 5th Ave & Madison Event Center, all no-rules skating hell will break loose. The Renegade Rollergirls will be taking on the AZ Derby Dames. The Renegades are the pioneering league to scrap the rules for the real hardcore, downright entertaining new roller derby that fan of old can embrace. The Derby Dames are a seasoned league with solid skills and big numbers. This clash of the roller derby worlds is sure to be high on endorphins with the Renegades "Whatever it takes" style surely being a source of big, ugly frustration for a league used to the structured framework of rules. Having said that, there is no doubt in this Renegade's mind that the Dames will embrace the freestyle mayhem for one night and put up a good fight (quite possibly literally). It's gonna be brutal. If you only catch one bout this season, this is the one.

Skatin' is hatin' and hatin' is fun.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lust & Gore Contributes to This Month's Issue of Fracture Magazine

FRACTURE magazine

Yours truly, Aurora Gory Alice, submitted a couple of training articles to a wicked cool roller derby magazine called Fracture Magazine. One of those articles, Structuring a Roller Derby Season, can be found in this month's issue.

If you haven't checked out Fracture Magazine, you gotta see it. It is a great magazine that recognizes derby for what it is, a lifestyle. Learn about the sport, the skaters, take in the art and music we love, and learn about some gear and goods you gotta get your mitts on. Seriously sweet. If you live derby like I do, it is a must read. And if you know me, you know that I don't even like to read.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Drum Roll Please. Cowboy Hats, Military Caps, Jewelry, and Clothing by Lust & Gore Hardwear Available November 14th

So November 14th has become the tentative go live date for Lust & Gore Hardwear's website, But wait, there's more. . . November 14th is also the day our roller derby team, the Arizona Renegade Rollergirls, hosts a bout against the Arizona Derby Dames. It is going to be a no-rules, roller derby brawl. But there's STILL more . . . Lust & Gore Hardwear will also be selling our skate bearing jewelry at the merch table at the bout. Here's your chance to get one of these designs before anyone else and at a low introductory price.

So, when you wake up on Saturday the 15th after your hard night of whatever, ease into your day with a visit to Cowboy hats, military caps, jewelry, and clothing that's aren't for everyone, they're for you. Buy them if you like, wear them if you can.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lust & Gore Skate Bearing Jewelry For Sale at Nov. 14th Renegade Rollergirls vs AZ Derby Dames Bout

Lust & Gore will be debuting their new skate bearing jewelry at the Nov.14th Renegade Rollergirls vs AZ Derby Dames bout at the 5th Ave & Madison Event Center in downtown Phoenix. All 3 designs will be sold at a low introductory price. If you are a fan of skating, you gotta have at least one of these. Wear it. Love it. Represent.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Serious Skate Jewelry - Skate Bearing Necklaces and Earrings For Heroes and Villains

Love to skate? Yeah, us too. That's why we came up with these designs. 2 necklaces and a pair of earrings you will want.

Why are we posting abut this jewelry again? Because we searched the internet and didn't find anything that could compare. Nothing even in its league. We use real skate bearings. Bronze cage, open bearings that really stand out. The chain is industrial, ordered by the foot from a real industrial supply shop. This is the real deal, not something your kid brother could make at summer camp.

Skating. Love it. Wear it. Represent.

New Skater-Specific Lust & Gore Jewelry

Yesterday Lusty and I came up with a couple of skater-specific necklace designs and an earring design as well. Skate bearings and industrial chain. We love to skate and want the world to know it even when the wheels aren't strapped to our feet. Someone asks about the necklace, we get to tell them about derby. That's us, spreading the love.

So, no matter what kind of skating you do, share the love. Or, if you are me, share the hate. Skatin' is hatin' and hatin' is fun. There's plenty to go 'round.

See all the designs on our Lust & Gore Myspace page.