Monday, January 19, 2009

Girl an Girl Action and Other Lust & Gore Fire-Starters

It's been nearly seven months since Lusty and I started Lust & Gore Hardwear ( We thought it was about time to shed some light on what makes Lusty Crush and Aurora Gory Alice tick. Or, more specifically, what makes our tickers beat faster, and our blood run hotter. Said simpler, here's what makes Lust & Gore hot . . .

1) Roller derby! Speed, aggression, and sweaty girls squeezing through tight packs and rolling on top of one another to deliver a beatdown all in the name of healthy competition. Exercise and camaraderie were never this fun in high school.

2) Music. Trip Hop and downtempo are overtly sexy, but a little Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears can flip our switches if the stars are all aligned in beer bottle shaped constellations.

3) Wine and cheese. We can't drink beer all the time and still maintain these killer physiques. It is a fine line between va va voom and boom bada boom. Besides, wine and cheese feel rich and luxurious. Someday, our life will be overflowing with riches, so we may as well train for them now.

4) Denial. An almost-sex scene is way hotter than the deed done. Enjoy the chase. Feel the burn.

5) The right clothes. Putting on the clothes that look and feel like you feel at that moment is a slice of perfection. From the image the clothes put out, to the way the clothes fit and feel when you are getting your groove on, the right threads are the cherry on top of a deliciously sweet and sticky sundae. And, we are firm believers that, sometimes, the right clothes may be no clothes at all.