Monday, January 26, 2009

Renegade Roller Derby, Winter X Games, and Live Music Bring Back the Lust & Gore

Just when things felt all weirdly stagnant and normal, a good week serves as a refreshing kick in the bits to throw us out of complacency. A kick-ass roller derby massacre, a dose of no-holds-barred extreme athleticism and fearlessness, and some great live music remind us that our Lust & Gore Hardwear journey is about feeling good. Our hardware-heavy cowboy hats, military caps, and jewelry are supposed to make the person wearing them feel like a badass, rock-'n'-roll-lifestyle-living superstar. That is how we feel most of the time, so Lust & Gore Hardwear was started as an attempt to share that wealth. Unfortunately, of late, the monotony of real-life worries has snatched some of our motivation. Thanks to the events of a busy last week, the fire is re-kindled.

Real life can suck our nuts (and bolts).

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