Monday, February 9, 2009

Lust & Gore Hardwear in the 51st Annual GRAMMY® Award Gift Bags

The night is over, but the press about the lavish gifts given to the Presenters and Performers is just starting. Whether you are into pop media or not, chances are you have heard about these GRAMMY® Gift Bags. After the big night, the focus shifts from the awards themselves to the rewards of being a celebrity. Get set. As the coverage of the "swag bags" and talent lounges starts, so does your chance to live vicariously. And, if you don't want to live vicariously, stop by and pick up the same Lust & Gore swag your favorite Presenter or Performer got dibs on at the GRAMMY festivities. Not made of money? No worries. Our military caps will set you back a mere $50 - $60.

We will keep the blog updated with the press we receive as a result of our inclusion in the GRAMMY Gift Bags. In the meantime, here is our press release about this distinctive privilege.

Lust & Gore Hardwear GRAMMY® Gift Bag Press Release

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